What Makes Our Ramen Special?
How does leek oil fit our Ramen perfectly?
The leek is slowly browned to a crisp in oil betore it is removed, leaving a distinct taste that lingers within the oil. It adds a refreshing twist to the aroma of our special pork broth, making it more favorable.
How does garlic/kuro oil complement our Tonkotsu Ramen?
The delightful smoky aroma of roasted garlic enriches your ramen experience. The Kuro oil that is extracted from the garlic will leave a lingering fragrant aftertaste that perfectly complements our broth.
What makes Goku Raku's Nitamago so special?
The eggs are marinated in a special sauce after it is cooked. The egg white is perfectly set while the yolk remains velvety and squishy, giving you an exquisite ramen experience.